Student Membership

About ASID Student Membership

The student chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) provide guest lectures, professional networking opportunities and career days for interior design students.

Student members actively participate in the chapter’s public events and monthly membership meetings. ASID Ohio South/Kentucky regularly sponsors educational events on the campuses and provides scholarship opportunities. Additionally, many instructors at the local schools are ASID members.

Student chapters are available through schools/universities providing instruction in interior design. These student chapters work with the our Chapter and also allow students to interact with other students and assume leadership roles within the organization. Student membership earns students the privilege of Allied Membership in the national organization of ASID upon graduation.

Become an Interior Designer
If you are interested in becoming an interior designer, check out these resources for more information:
ASID’s national web site provides an overview of how to become an interior designer as well as the benefits of ASID student membership.

ASID OHSKY – Student Representative to the Board
Molly Gildar, Student ASID -