Student Representative to the Board Application Student Chapter Guide

When a chapter includes one or more student chapters in its geographic territory, the board of directors shall include as a voting member a student representative to the board (SRB), selected by the board to such a position for a single one-year term. Qualified candidates may be nominated or independently submit applications to the board of directors for consideration in the SRB candidate pool. In order to qualify for the board position, the nominee or applicant must be a member of a student chapter operating in the chapter’s geographic area and must be at the advanced (upperclassman or graduate) level of the program.

The SRB is selected by the seated chapter board during dates that coincide with chapter board elections, but no later than March 30 of each year, to begin serving on the board October 1.

SRB nomination/application submissions open. Each nomination/application should be submitted with a recommendation letter from two ASID student members and/or one ASID faculty adviser/educator.


SRB nominations/applications are received and candidates evaluated by the seated chapter board. All materials must be submitted to the local ASID professional chapter before March 1.


The SRB is selected by the seated chapter board and a notice is sent to ASID national headquarters.

Please e-mail with any questions about the SRB position and the chapter selection process for this leadership role.


The SRB is responsible for representing all student chapters and student members at large within his or her chapter. Please refer to the ASID SRB Guide and Toolkit for more specific roles and responsibilities.



Return this application with recommendation letters (either from two ASID student members or one ASID faculty adviser/educator) to the ASID professional chapter by March 1.

Student name: __________________________________________________________ Student e-mail:__________________________________________________________ School: ________________________________________________________________ Are you in an advanced (upperclassman) level of study (circle one)? YES NO

Have you read the requirements of the SRB and are you willing to take on these tasks (circle one)? YES NO

Prior education/ASID leadership positions: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

ASID activities:

  1. ________________________________________________________________

  2. ________________________________________________________________

  3. ________________________________________________________________

Community/civic activities:

  1. ________________________________________________________________

  2. ________________________________________________________________

  3. ________________________________________________________________

Describe how the candidate will contribute in the position of SRB. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

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